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MD’s Message

MD’s Message


All praises to the Almighty Allah SWT.

Alhamdullilah, Nelson Paints now stands out amongst the top paint brands in the region. This has become possible due to the fact that manufacturing premium quality products has remained a key focus in overall Nelson Paints business strategy since the inception of its operation.

It is the quality that makes Nelson Paints a premier brand in the industry. At Nelson, quality starts by selecting the quality raw materials blended with R&D activities which result in a quality product. We have invested and will continue to invest significant resources in R&D initiative for manufacturing quality paint and coating products for our customers. Our Coating division has continued to expand its R&D capabilities over the past years, including the addition of advanced coatings laboratory in the new manufacturing facility. 

Besides R&D, We will continue to expand our technology portfolio by bringing up innovative solutions for our customers beyond traditional paint applications. In this regard, we are working on Green Chemistry model which will ensure and will help us reduce not so environment friendly substances from our products and will complement our CSR initiative and will also ultimately be benefiting the green and clean environmental initiative by the Government. 

Keep on choosing Nelson Paints as the first choice brand with the assurance that value for money for our stakeholders in the likes of suppliers, dealers and customers are protected.


Muhammad Siraj

Managing Director