Premium Plus

Provides beautiful colors and extra coverage that suffice your needs and guarantees happiness. It includes all kinds of Interior and Exterior coatings with a wide range of water and oil-based products.

  • Elegance Matt Enamel
  • Elegance Sheen Enamel
  • Elegance Flat Emulsion
  • Stain Seal Emulsion
  • Weather Independent Exterior Emulsion
  • Aquamatic Plastic Matt Emulsion
  • Aquamatic Plastic Primer
  • Stellar Filler Acrylic Putty
  • Stellar Wall Primer Sealer
  • Stellar Red Oxide Primer
  • Stellar Turpentine Oil
  • Fungal Guard Water Based Sealer
  • Fungal Guard Sealer

Premium Plus

Nelson Splendor Pattern Texture paint creates an elegant and texture pattern finish with the help of pattern roller and handmade.

  • Effecto Texture
  • Glass/Texture
  • Infinity Design Glaze
  • Pattern Texture
  • Design Texture
  • Flexomatic Paint
  • Effecto Primer
  • Infinity Design Thinner
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