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Nelson was established in 1995 with inadequate manufacturing facility, meager distribution channel and a scanty sales and marketing staff. However our precision of quality industry, quicker delivery and effective services have helped us reach the heights of Paint industries in Pakistan, within a very short period. Today Nelson Paint Industries (Pvt) Limited manufacture all products as par with and even higher than international standards, with fully integrated ISO 9001-2008 compliant facilities, Gigantic operational setup, 3G Machinery Highly Skilled and Expert Human Resource and Intelligent Sales & Marketing strategies which are considered exemplary. May it be you, Painters, Retailers or our Employee; every stakeholders has experienced a share of remarkable success and growth.
Nelson Paint Industries (Pvt) Limited is regarded front ranking Paint company of Pakistan and this esteemed position has been bestowed indeed due to Blessings of Almighty Allah, firm commitment to the objectives by leadership and wholehearted confidence by you. The objective of Nelson Paints is enhancement of your satisfaction by adopting processes for continuous quality improvement in the products. By the grace of Allah and your wholehearted confidence on us. “Nelson Paints” is a household name liked by the elite and common people alike as well it is the first choice of professionals and retailers across the country.



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Pursuing all Sharia regulations, Nelson’s aim is to be the most successful paint and coatings company in the world, with the commitment of producing TOP-NOTCH quality along with creating a healthy, secure, encouraging and educated for its stakeholders.


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