Weather Independent Exterior Emulsion is a high quality exterior wall paint based on acrylic copolymer emulsion resin. It gives a luxurious finish. It has light fast pigments which protect the surface for many years and defends your wall from rough weathe

Design Usage


  • Weather Resistant Acrylic Copolymer based
  • Odour Less Long life upto 9 Years
  • Environmental Friendly Solvent Less
  • Low VOC Water Repllent
  • Quick Dry
  • Acrylic Copolymer based
  • Long life upto 9 Year
  • Solvent Less
  • Water Repllen
  • Application Method
    Brush / Roller Yes
    Airless Spray Yes
    Conventional Spray Yes
  • Drying / Curing Time
    Thinning. Thin with Stellar turpentine oil 30-50% or according to
    desired application.
    Drying Time. Touch Dry 1-2 Hrs.
    Recoat Interval. 2 Hrs.
    No. of Coats. 2-3
    Coverage. 12-16 m2 /Ltr/Coat (Depend on substrate condition)