Stoving Flamboyant Red Paints

Stoving Single pack-Ready to use after thinnig.

Design Usage

  • It is a well balanced transparent flamboyant finish with excellent gloss and light fast pigment.
  • It is used on aluminum undercoat to give flamboyant effects.
  • Physical Data
    Recommended Application Data & Theoretical Coverage(m2/ltr.) by airless Gun
    Wet (µm) Dry (µm) m2/ltr.
    - - 9 - 11
    Type Single Pack - Stovin
    Flash Point 23oC
    Finish Glossy finish
    Packing 04 Liter, 20 Liter
    Ratio Not Applicable
  • Application Method
    Conventional Spray For conventional spraying, suitable amount of thinner should be added to obtain 25-30 sec./F4 viscosity. Pressure: 2.5~3.0 Kg/cm² (40-45 psi)
  • Stoving Schedule
    Peak Metal
    Stoving Time
    130C 30
    150C 20

  • Additional Information
    Thinner (Brush) Nelson Stoving Thinner
    Cleaner Nelson Stoving Thinner
    Storage Instruction Store in a cool shaded dry area
    Shelf Life As long as the container is kept firmly sealed & stored under normal conditions, the material can be
  • Surface Preparation

    The life-span and performance of this coating is directly related to the degree of surface preparation.
    Apply on well prepared Aluminium under coat surface.

  • Product Use Restriction

    Do not over-coat with two pack products