Nelson Wash Primer Paints

A pre treatment primer for good protection against climate and environmental conditions on galvanized and non-ferrous surfaces. This primer is used as a pre treatment to provide proper adhesion on non ferrous metals. It is also applied on mild steel struc

Design Usage

Nelson Wash Primer is used as pre treatment to provide proper adhesion on non ferrous surfaces
and can also be used on mild steel structures.

  • Physical Data
    Recommended Application Data & Theoretical Coverage(m2/ltr.) by airless Gun
    Wet (µm) Dry (µm) m2/ltr.
    - - 7-9
    Type Two Pack system
    Flash Point More than 23C
    Finish Flat
    Packing Comp. A=4 Liter, Comp. B=4 Liter
    Dilution A:B :: 1:1
  • Application Method
    Conventional Spray For conventional spraying, suitable amount of thinner should be added to obtain 25-30 sec./F4 viscosity. Pressure: 2.5~3.0 Kg/cm² (40-45 psi)
  • Drying / Curing Time
    Touch Dry
    Minimum (Hrs.)
    30oC 7-10 30 45

  • Additional Information
    Thinner (Brush) Nelson Ind. Wash primer Thinner
    Cleaner Nelson Ind. Wash primer Thinner
    Storage Instruction Store in a cool shaded dry area
    Shelf Life As long as the container is kept firmly sealed & stored under normal conditions the material can be