Nelson Super Plug Paints

Nelson Paint Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is pleased to introduce our locally manufactured made as Malaysia Super Plug. It is a ready to use liquid waterproofing compound, when mixed with cement it sets rapidly to seal areas of severe water infiltration the pro

Design Usage

SUPER PLUG is used for preliminary waterproofing work of Swimming Pool, UG/OH Water Tank, Basement and any other wet surface, prior to the application of subsequent render it can also be used for fixing bolts and anchors in rock or concrete. It is part of a range of internation-ally used normal and quick setting waterproofing admixtures

Product Data Tecnical Data
Type From Shelf Life Blend of Inorganic Chemicals Clear, Colorless to Yellow Liquid 12 Months Minimum from Production Date if stored properly in original unopened Packaging Desity PH Chloride Content Approximately 1.24kg/Ltr Approximately 11 Nil (EN 934-2)


Dosage Dilute 1 part Super Plug with 1-4 parts clean mixing water depending on the type of application and water pressure, setting time is 15-45 seconds. Use only with fresh Portland cement.
Dispensing First pour Super Plug water mixture into the container, Then quickly sprinkled in cement until the liquid is covered, Quickly mix thoroughly into a paste. Use a ratio of approximately 1 part liquid 3 part cement Note: Use immediately after mixing, mortar that has been left to set cannot be reused and should be discarded


Regular Clean and roughen concrete surface, Remove all loosely adhering particles when working with rock. Using a dilution rate of 1.1 concentrate on sealing the major area of leakage but at the same time allow the water to continue to flow through plastic tubes Apply the first coats of Super Plug render to well area. Including working around inset tubes, allow render to set. Remove tube and plug hole with Super Plug mixed with cement. Apply final coats of Super Plug render Mix only sufficient Super Plug cement paste that can be used immediately.

Concrete Roughened and cleaned Rock Cleaned Loose Parts Removed Infiltration concentrated at a few points preliminary waterproofing with Super Plug cement Paste plastic tube set in Super Plug cement Water discharging through plastic tube Two coats Super Plug rendering on roughened surface of preliminary waterproofing coats (or 1.2 Gumite layers) After removal of plastic tube, plugging of discharge holes with Super Plug cement paste Final Super Plug coat and surface finish (or finished Gumite layer)
Curing Standard curing practice to be followed

Cleaning Clean all equipment and tools with water immediately after use

Ecology Does not dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulation

Toxicity Class 3, under the relevant Swiss health and safety codes