Nelson Roof Seal Paints

Nelson Paint Industries (Pvt.) Ltd is pleased to introduce our locally manufactured made as Malaysia Acrylic Membrane Coating Joint Free by the name of Roof Seal. It is for all type of Roof Water Proofing & Insulation Coating, 100% Elastomeric Plastic

Design Usage

It has been specially created for the use where atmospheric conditions in which no effects of Salts, Acids, Oil, Heavy Rains and Ultra Violet Waves Resistance up to 75% by mixing of various chemicals and to achieve magnetic field. It is Fire Resistance Class "A" Non — Toxic, Lead and Asbestos Free, It Also Reduce the High in Side Building Temperature by Reflecting the Radiant Heat Waves
The most familiar example of radiant heat is the heat from the sun, the heat energy of the sun is transformed into radiant heat waves, which pass in straight lines through 93 million miles of cold apace Radiant heat waves do not carry heat and they are not hot. Their energy of motion is transformed into heat upon in contact with a body or surface. When the heat waves strike the earth's atmosphere, some of the radiant energy is converted to heat energy and warms the atmosphere. The reminder upon striking the earth gives up energy as heat to earth's surface. The heat-radiating power of a body depends only on the absolute temperature difference between it and the receiving body and on the nature of its surface and the nature of the receiving surface.
A block, rough surface is the best surface for receiving or radiating heat. Vacuums and some gases, such as air, offer very little resistance to the passage of radiant energy. But solids such as iron and bricks absorb this energy and become heated. Whether the radiant heat falls upon a body is absorbed. Reflected or transmitted depends upon the nature of the body as well as the conditions of its surface if heat waves fall on a piece of charcoal. They will be almost entirely absorbed. If the some energy falls on a piece of rock salt, the energy will be largely transmit-ted through the salt. If the same energy polished metal or white surface, it will be almost energy reflected. Not only will it prevent the water seepage, rusting effect of high humidity also save the substantial amount of energy input the air-conditioning system by reducing the infiltration rate also will increase the life of applied product by limiting the expansion and contraction.

Technical Data:

The technical data results are self-explanatory but we would like to add some comments with this that by looking at its elongation and adhesion strengths this product could be applied on any surface like concrete, plaster, plastic, all types of steels, wood, glass and asbestos also. As already mentioned that it is a chemical contents product must be used within a year time after preparation otherwise it will lose its effec-tiveness. It must be noted that the product prepared for a project like Sibi cannot be used for project in another city like Murree. For these reasons it is not a shelf item.

• Removing of existing treatment product, filling from the groves of surface Screeding, removing of cement dry mortar of the Screeding of hair cracks width with grinder cleaning with brush and dust blower. • Five coats Two primer and Three thick coats with reinforcement Non-Woven Polyester thickness depends on the penetration rate of applied product.