Nelson Quick Repellent Paints

Nelson Paint Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is pleased to introduce our locally manufactured made as Malaysia Quick Repellent. It is a one component solvent containing, Low Viscosity and Reactive Impregnation for Cement Bound Substrates based on Alkylalkoxy- Silo

Design Usage

It has been Specially Created for the use where Atmospheric Conditions In which No Effects of Salts, Acids, Oil, Heavy Rains And Ultra Violet Waves Resistance Up To 95% By Mixing Of Various Chemicals and to Achieve Magnetic Field Non-Toxic, Lead and Asbestos Free
Quick Repellent is used as colorless water repellent impregnation compound for absorbent sub-strates Concrete, Stone, Wood, Asbestos sheet.

  • Economical and Easy To Use
  • Reduces Capillary Water Absorption
  • Solvent Free
  • Good Temperature Resistance
  • Improves Resistance to Frost and De-Icing Salts 
  • Reduces Efflorescence
  • Protection against Driving Rain on Vertical Areas
  • No Noticeable Change in Water Vapor Permeability


Apply in excess with brush, roller or suitable spray equipment (no compressed air) apply event wet on wet in 2-3 coats


  • Concrete, Stone, Brickwork & Wood
  • Free from dust, dirt, oil Clean, efflorescence and existing coatings
  • Best cleaned with high pressure steam jetting
  • Best results on dry, well absorbing substrates
  • Maximum moisture content 5%
  • Minimum age of concrete or mortar: at least 4weeks
  • If to be over coated, observe required substrate condition


Ready for use and must not be diluted


Building parts (e.g. Window Frames) which still need to be painted must be securely covered to avoid contact with Quick Repellent. Also window frames need to be protected from being accidentally con-taminated with it because it contains solvents which could damage synthetic material and bituminous products.