Nelson Mastic Sealant Paints

Nelson Paint Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is pleased to introduce our locally manufactured made as Malaysia Multipurpose Sealant and Gap Filler based on Special Polymer.

Design Usage

MASTIC SEALANT is very easy to apply to fill the gaps and joints subject to a limited amount of movement, such as 4, Expansion Joints i Pouring Joints ,.• Construction Joints .4 Overlapping Joints Pre-Cost Concrete Panels I Around the Doors and Widows 44 Fixtures and Fillings i Naturally Accruing Joints between Different Building Materials i Wall's and Roof's Surface Cracks

READY FOR USE and Economical Jointing Compound with the Following Beneficial Properties , Ready to use no Further Mixing is Required _ba Smooth Attractive Finish .. Excellent Adhesion to most Materials, even though with low Inherent Strength and Color Stable i Can be over Painted Easily I Odour Free

SHELF LIFE: 1 year when unopened and stored correctly in dry and cool area

CURE RATE: Full cure-approximately 1 week {depending on climatic condition}

Movement Capacity , -25-45% of Average Joint Width ./ Minimum joint depth = 6mm wie Maximum joint width =25mm 4, Width depth ratio joint up to 10mm wide =1:1 ., For joint from 10mm -25mm =2:1 i Coverage 10 Rft I Kg 1x1x1

SURFACE PREPARATION 4, All surfaces must be clean and free all loose adhering particles. ., Porous materials may be slightly damp Walls I Roofs Surface Cracks over 1.5mm in Width Must Be Ground. if In general no primer is required. â