Nelson Epoxy Primer Paints

Nelson Epoxy Primer is a two pack epoxy polyamide blended with light fast and chemically inert pigments.

Design Usage

Nelson Epoxy primer is designed as a general primer suitable for ferrous metal under coat, concrete surfaces,wood substrates may be over coated with nelson epoxy.

  • Physical Data
    Recommended Application Data & Theoretical Coverage(m2/ltr.) by airless Gun
    Wet (µm) Dry (µm) m2/ltr.
    75 35 8-10
    Type Two Pack - Cold Cure
    Volume Solids 44 ± 2 %
    Flash Point 23-28oC
    Range Dry Film Thickness 35 microns - 50 microns
    Finish Matt
    Color 75
    Packing 4 Liters (Base = 3 Liter, Hardener = 1 Liter)
    Ratio 3:1 (by Volume)
  • Application Method
    Airless Spray Tip Size: 0.38~0.48 mm (0.015-0.019 in) Pressure: 1 10~160 Kg/cm² (1600-2300 psi)
    Conventional Spray May be used for difficult shapes or touch-up. However additional coats may be required to achieve recommended film thickness.
  • Drying / Curing Time
    Touch Dry
    Hard Dry
    Pot Life (Hrs.)
    15oC 3 10 12 7 5
    25oC 2 8 10 7 3
    35oC 1 6 8 7 2

    Full Cure: 7 days at 25oC

  • Additional Information
    Thinner (Brush) Nelson Epoxy Thinner
    Cleaner Nelson Epoxy Thinner
    Storage Instruction Store in a cool shaded dry area
    Shelf Life As long as the container is kept firmly sealed & stored under normal conditions, the material can be