Nelson Concreate Safety Paints

Nelson Paint Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. introduces two component polymer modified cement based protective and Water Proofing Slurry, Slightly Flexible.

Design Usage

CONCRETE SAFETY is ready-for-use slurry, for application on Concrete, Cement Mortar, Masonry,
Steel, and Protection of Concrete Structures against the Affects of De-Icing Salt
For repairing of concrete surface, damage by de-icing salt
For rigid waterproofing of water tanks,
For rigid waterproofing of basement walls bathroom floor & walls outside in new building
For subsequent sealing of basement walls inside against water seepage
For protective and waterproofing coating on balconies, terraces, small flat rooms, etc


  • Easy To Apply With Brush Or Trowel
  • Pre-Measured Components
  • Mixes Easily
  • Choice Of Consistency For Slurry Or Trowel Application
  • Excellent Adhesion On Sound Substrate
  • High Resistance To Frost And Salt
  • High Resistance To Abrasion/Erosion
  • No Shrinkage Or Cracking When Properly Applied
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Toxic

Color: Grey

Shelf life: 6 month in original container protect, Comp A from frost, Comp B from moisture

Packaging: Pre-measured for mixing: 25kg (2-Comp), Comp. A: 5kg (liquid in plastic can, Comp. B: 20kg (powder in bag)

Mixing Ratio: Comp. A: Comp. B:, 1:4 (by weight) for slurry applicatio, 1:4.5 (by weight) for trowel applicatio

Density: (Gross Density) Comp. A 1.04, Comp. B 1.

G/Cm3, 20oc: Comp. A+B, 2.

Limitations: Mini application temp +8oC, Apply at least 2 coats, Never use more than 4kg/m2, for one coat

Pot life: Approx .40 minutes


Substrate: Concrete, mortar, masonry must be clean, free grease and oil, no loose particles or
cement skin, and as even possible, steel, iron, clean, must be free from grease and
oil, with no rust or scale
Mixing: For mixing use an electric hand mixer of 500 to 1000 rmp and a disc paddle mixing time 2-3 minutes.
As slurry, put both components in a suitable mixing vessel & mix until free from lumps. For trowel application, use only 90% of Comp. A
Application: Substrates must be thoroughly wetted and still be moist before the first coat of Concrete Safety is applied.
Do not apply the second until the first has hardened slightly (well set), this is after 2-6 hrs depending on climate.
Apply with slurry broom is also possible.
For trowel application, use a notched trowel with 3mm teeth for the first coat.
Finish by brushing the surface with a dry sponge while the last coat is setting. Freshly by applied areas are to be protected against direct sunlight. Where there is a danger of drying out too quickly, appropriate measures for curing.