High Build Epoxy Red Oxide Zinc-Phosphate Primer Paints

A two pack high build, high performance epoxy primer containing anti-corrosive red oxide and zinc-phosphate pigment. Achieve high-build film in one single application. Good abrasion resistance. Chromate free.

Design Usage

  • Anti-corrosive blast primer for on-shore as well as offshore surfaces:
  • On-shore: For tanks exteriors, structural steel works, chemical plants, pipelines, cranes, water works etc.
  • Offshore: For under-decks, working decks, accommodation externals etc.
  • Physical Data
    Recommended Application Data & Theoretical Coverage(m2/ltr.) by airless Gun
    Wet (µm) Dry (µm) m2/ltr.
    140 75 7.14
    Type Two Pack - Cold Cure
    Volume Solids 54 ± 2%
    Flash Point 23C
    Range Dry Film Thickness 50 microns -100 microns
    Finish Semi Gloss
    Color 140
    Packing 4 Liters (Base = 3 Liter, Hardener = 1 Liter)
  • Application Method
    Brush / Roller May be used for difficult shapes or touch-up. However, additional coats may be required to achieve recommended film thickness.
    Airless Spray Tip Size: 0.38~0.48 mm (0.015-0.019 in) , Pressure: 125~160 Kg/cm² (1800-2300 psi)
  • Drying / Curing Time
    Touch Dry
    Hard Dry
    Pot Life (Hrs.)
    15oC 6 16 16 16
    25oC 4 14 14 4
    35oC 2 12 12 1.5

  • Additional Information
    Thinner (Brush) Nelson Epoxy Thinner
    Cleaner Nelson Epoxy Thinner
    Storage Instruction Store in a cool shaded dry area
    Shelf Life As long as the container is kept firmly sealed & stored under normal conditions, the material can be
  • Surface Preparation

    The life-span and performance of this coating is directly related to the degree of surface preparation This product should be applied to a surface that has been blast cleaned Abrasive blast cleaning to a minimum standard of Sa 2 ½ Swedish Standard SIS 05 59 00, ISO 8501-1:1988, or second quality BS-4232: 1967 An average surface profile of 50 microns is acceptable but this average should not exceed 75 microns Surface should be dry and free from contaminants Where necessary, remove weld spatter and round off all rough weld seams and sharp edges to a smooth surface

  • Product Use Restriction

    This product will not be cured at a temperature below 10oC This product withstands continues dry heat up to 150oC (302°F)