Air Drying Camouflage Matt Enamels Paints

A air drying camouflage paint based on synthetic alkyd medium, pigmented with quality pigments and inert extenders. Excellent protection & matt smooth finish

Design Usage

  • Use for new and maintenance work of structural steel exposed to general climate conditions
  • Use as a finish coat over various Protection & single pack primers
  • Use for camouflaging purpose
  • Relative humidity should not exceed 85% and substrate temperature should be more than 3oC above Dew Point
  • Physical Data
    Recommended Application Data & Theoretical Coverage(m2/ltr.) by airless Gun
    Wet (µm) Dry (µm) m2/ltr.
    80 25 - 30 8 - 10
    Type Single Pack - Air Dr
    Volume Solids 28 ± 5%
    Flash Point More than 23C
    Finish Matt
    Color 80
    Packing 4 Liters, 20 Liters
    Ratio Not Applicable
  • Application Method
    Brush / Roller This is recommended method of application. Care should be taken to ensure an even application to avoid film defects
    Airless Spray For conventional spraying, suitable amount of Nelson thinner should be added to obtain 25-30sec./ F4 viscosity. Pressure: 2.5~3.0 Kg/cm² (40-45 psi)
  • Drying / Curing Time
    Touch Dry
    Hard Dry
    Pot Life (Hrs.)
    15C 6 30 15 Not Applicable
    25C 4 26 10 Not Applicable
    35C 2 24 7 Not Applicable

    Full Cure = 07 Days

  • Additional Information
    Thinner (Brush) Nelson Ind. Thinner
    Cleaner Nelson Ind. Thinner
    Storage Instruction Store in a cool shaded dry area
    Shelf Life As long as the container is kept firmly sealed & stored under normal conditions, the material can be
  • Surface Preparation

    The life-span and performance of coating is directly related to the degree of surface preparation

    IRON / STEEL (New Surface):

    This product can be used directly to a clean, dry

  • Product Use Restriction

    Do not over-coat with two pack products
    This product will not be dry below 10C